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Club Structure                                                                                                                     

Wings Over Missouri is still in ground effect attempting to take flight. Every detail is currently subject to change but we will make an attempt to provide a breakdown of the cost that will likely be associated with the flying club. The club will be registered as a 501(c)(7), a Missouri nonprofit corporation governed by bylaws, membership, and a Board of Directors.


Estimated Cost


There will be two main financial components for membership in this flying club.
Number 1. Equity buy-in that will primarily be used to secure club assets (aircraft)
Number 2. Monthly membership dues that will be used to help cover fixed cost such as: insurance, hanger fees, annuals, interest on loans, etc.


All cost estimates have a direct correlation to the number of members that join the club. While it is still unknown what the equity buy-in amount will be, the lowest number that we have used to plug into the formula is $2,000 buy-in per member. The lowest monthly membership rate used on the formula is $65 per month. In the coming weeks we hope to be able to provide a more precise breakdown of the cost associated with the club. As with all things in life it is likely that true cost will be higher. Issues such as buy-out would be possible under this structure and will be handled under the bylaws.

Cost Not Covered By Membership

Membership provides you access to the club resources. There will be an hourly charge to operate the aircraft, our goal is to keep that cost as low per hour cost as possible to encourage as much flying as possible.


Luckily there is NO COST from camaraderie. This club is about flying, safety, and training, but we will be placing an emphasis on socializing as well. Sharing stories via Hanger flying is cheap to do and should be done often. Social gatherings can be enjoyed by pilots and non-pilots alike. We plan to have a monthly get together to help promote community amongst club members and their families.

Your feedback is the primary component in determining cost and acquisition of aircraft. Please help us by filling out the following survey.


Thanks! From Your Friends at Wings Over Missouri.